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Youth Statement : 7th November 2001

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We've talked a lot about terrorism during the last few months, and justifiably so, as causing others to suffer is irresponsible. It wasn't long before we waged war against the terrorist actions. We were also very quick to look at changing our ways of doing things.

What an awful act of terror it would be to drown tens of thousands in mud and flood. What a cruel act it would be to make entire regions and even countries disappear under the rising sea. What an evil deed it would be to cause the Earth to be so dry that food does not grow. . . just pure acts of madness.

Why is climate change not fought with the same energy that we fight terrorism? Why don't we use all the ingenuity of the human species to change our ways of producing and consuming energy? It's been almost ten years now since the UNFCCC was created, and we have yet to start a real transition towards a low carbon emitting future.

We must not only ratify the Kyoto Protocol, but we must rise to the challenge of climate change. The mediocre 5% reduction that the weak-kneed ones among you have so far managed to obliterate is not enough. We need 60%, now. We can be proud of protecting the climate, and the environment, for future generations to enjoy. We cannot be proud of new oil and gas developments. We cannot be proud of fossil-fuel based lifestyles.

We cannot use sinks as reductions from the emissions that we are producing, because we have yet to absorb and sequester those that have already been emitted in the past. We need serious, significant, concrete, emissions reductions... not cost-effective loopholes that continue to disregard and jeopardise the future.

The idea that emission reductions will jeopardise national economies is unfounded. Several countries have already de-coupled the historic relationship between economic growth and rapidly rising emissions. The economies of countries where emissions are being reduced are increasingly efficient and less wasteful. Many of them continue to experience growth, which is more than can be said for the world's largest economy and largest polluter!

Youth are working very hard against the climate change attack on future generations. We've done workshops in schools around the world to tell youth about climate change. We've taken personal initiatives to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. A group of 30 youth have even biked 11,000 km across Canada to get 3,000 Canadians to commit to reduce their GHG contributions by the magic number of 60%.

We hope you'll use the remaining days of this CoP to strengthen the Bonn Agreements instead of further weakening them. Particularly, please be as outraged as we are by certain parties' attempts to avoid transparency in the rules of implementation.

Let's fight the anthropogenic causes of climate change with as much, if not more, energy and enthusiasm as any other international issue. Let's use the ingenuity of humankind to change the world, but this time for the better. Let's celebrate Rio + 10 in style. Let's ratify Kyoto. Let's just get on with it.

Thank you
Many thanks to all contributors, in particular:
Laird Herbert (Canada)
Maria Arakelyan (Armenia)
Marko Gregovic (Croatia)
Martin Dietrich Brauch (Brazil)
Renι Coignaud (Canada)
Shaun Nixon (United Kingdom)

The photo shows Esther van Dijk of the Netherlands

webcast video of the delivery is available (please note that the Youth Statement is several minutes into the video presentation and has not been indexed)

Youth Representaion
Esther van Dijk of the Netherlands was the only WYOCC member able to attend CoP 7. Her reports are archived here...

Saturday 10th November, 4:17am

Long time no writing because a not working website, after that email, after that, the internet... but now with good news...

We have an final agreement after negotiating since 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon till now 4:17 in the morning...

I go to my hotel (after a short plenary) and sleep

Tuesday 6th November, 1:20pm

I don't have very good news! There are (I don't now how much but somewhere around) 10-15 youths from Morroco her and they wrote a statement in the last past days, while they were following workshows and presentations. (yes, morroco has organised a youthconference for their yout, But why not for all of us!!!! grrrrr)
They have a place in the plenary. I spoke with Barbare (?) ( you know here shaun, she knows you also..duh!!) and she tried to contact the contact person of the youth. She has a number for me but the problem is the youts only spek french and arabic and because I don't speak arabic and speak just a little little bit french it's impossible to contact them. The statement is also in french so it also impossible to mis our statements.

BArabare is now speaking with another men and the two of them are going to decided if we can get in the plenary also. If this doesnt work I will contact Minister Pronk (who is ariving today) and ask him what he could do for us.

Barbare is putting our statement on the website of the unfccc and she will copy them so that they will put them in the mailboxes and will give me more copy's to give to people, hang them everywhere around, and placee them on the tables.

I went to the EU coordination today but I left an hour to early because they where just talking the time full and nothing interesting happend. The UK had a lot of good ideas and you British can be proud in that. The rest of the day (till now) I went to an subplenary, ngo something and search for a lot of persons... Nothing reaaly intersting happened - It seems They all are a bit scared for the high level.

I had a mail from somebody who was intersting in the wyocc and she had called me a few sec ago and now we are meeting in a cople of minutes so bye...

3:20pm... I can't find Barbara at the moment but I will contact her soon. I had lunch with the woman who mailed me and she is somehwere around 22 and lives in Japan and she want to join our discussions etc. She was really interesting and here with a ngo but she didn't now the ngo very good because she only become an member so that she could come to here.. But she wants to do something and she said that she already joined the discussion list, but I don't know that excatly.

At 3:30 I've got an meeting with the three belgium girls and somebody of an ngo so bye now...

Monday 5th November - Evening

I printed the statement here and some of my delegation members have read it and they find it very strong and they say (and I know it also) nobody has linked the terrorism with climate yet, not as we do it and they find it very good.

I have also spoken with a woman off (i don't renember where but somewhere in the swest of africa) and she reminded me off Janet, and dshe wasreally enthousiastic about tha whole youth idea and she ereally wanted to read our statement.

I've met a lot of cool people, not really cool but nice and important, I met the leader off a special group of the developing countries (wich name I forgot) and I met a woman who's the leader off a organisation includes a lot off ngo all over the world, so maybe I can speakw ith here about wyocc as an ngo in the netherlands, and she can gave me some advice.

'm now going back to my delegation and try again.. II'm a bit sick.. the food here and the heat..... mY body is not used to

Monday 5th November - Afternoon

I went to an ngo press meeting and there were people from wwf (Jennifer Morgan) and Kate Hampton (friend of the earth) and Bill Hare from Greenpeace.

What I understood that Japan and Russia are helping Each others in the dirty jobs. It's a big Problem because Russia don't want to report how much there reducing is, don't want to give the public theinformation they want and they want to reopen the Bonn accord about sinks and I also heard from my delegation that the sinks are a very big problem.

America is bit in an issolation now because Japan is not anymore against the kyotoProtocol.

Another thing that very important that there is a rumour that the usa want to replace Bob Watson in the next CoP!!! I've conexion with a journalis (sounds good, connextion) and I is going to try to know more about that.

I hang the posters everywhere I can so that's finished..

I'm going to another presentation now...

Monday 5th November - Morning

I'm now in the congress center using the internet (after a long time waiting)


I've met them and maybe we can ead the statement ( if i we get in the plenary) with two peopleI don't know, let me know what your opinion about htat is.

My flight was great, we landed in casablanca at 5 'clock and the fligt to Marrakech was leaving at half pas 6. In the HOtel we had to wait for 4 hours before we could get our hotelkeys.. it was quit frustrating but Melenie (delegation member) told me that everybody had that problem.

The next day , we had a day off, so my first day here was free. We went to the atlas (mountains) and we vistit berbervillages. It was really cool and I boughtsomething , first the asked 300 dirham abut at the end I gave the man 75 so..(the ask here 5 time too high price for everything)

So this is my first day here that I can really do something what has to deal with climate.

and about the posters, the one who's saying: You have to be the youth now..(or something like that) My delegation is realy doing that...they were feeding each others bananas..!!!!!

I've to go soon as I know anytthing more about the plenary etc or have other interesting new I will tell you it as soon as possible.

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