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A network of young people around the world
who believe our tomorrow can, should and will be different . . .

The World Youth Organisation on Climate Change aims to raise youth and student awareness of and participation in the climate change issue through its network of members around the world.

It was created in November 2000 by the 118 Youth Delegates from 61 countries attending, for the first time ever, the World Conference on Climate Change and its official Youth Meeting held in The Hague, Netherlands.

By empowering youth to take action, we feel that we can
make a strong impact on the future of the earth

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believe in a different tomorrow

The pictures above are extracts from posters drawn by: Hannah Binns (10), Rosie Taylor (10) and Daniel Russell (10) of Grassington Primary School, Yorkshire UK and Zoe Stevens (6) of Whetston Junior Primary School, Leicestershire UK

Website by Shaun Nixon of the World Youth Organisation on Climate Change